Projects and stuff from the present, past, and future, most of the time related to game design.
A mix of weird experimental interactive stuff, serious games research projects, contracts works, and shooters.



Shoot on sight, hit & loose sight

FPS with a twist - 2017
Experimentation of weird rules to build a level during the match based on the players' » more



Soundscape experience #1: Matter & resonating cubes

Interactive soundscape - 2017
Creating a visual landscape supporting an interactive soundscape without taking over. » more

Les Migeons


Help them build a mess

sandbox game - 2015
The Migeons are a kind of clueless creatures that need help to get better at building » more



protein docking

research and educational game - 2014
Udock is a free interactive protein docking system, intended for both naive and experienced » more



Sadness & Dispair

weird game - 2014
This is about Louis, a sad child. Show him around and do not let him dive in dispair. » more



News game / Editorial game

News game / Editorial game - 2013
L'intermédiaire is an editorial game created as a companion to the documentary: » more



use your music

little game - 2013
Made with Guillaume Levieux during GGJ 2013. The theme was a heartbeat sound. To » more



experiment with pixel shaders

weird experience / not a game - 2012
KPIX is a weird experiment using only pixel shaders to interact. The pixel shader » more

Le Village aux Oiseaux


therapeutic game

therapeutic game - 2011
Le Village aux Oiseaux (The Birds’ Village) is a project that aims to develop » more



the game within the game

FPS (ENJMIN student project) - 2010
The player takes the role of a disarmed child closed in an old military Complex that » more



Biofeedbacks in a dystopian world

ENJMIN student project (UT3 mod) - 2009
Take the role of AZ66, a citizen of a dystopian society. When a citizen is detected » more

Attrac Touch


multi touch poetic game

ENJMIN student project - 2009
The player uses her fingers to create gravitational point. Those points serves » more