Chez Moi Wholesome Zen Garden to gift
Chez Moi (2020) - Tiny zen interactive experience by Stéphanie Mader, Sébastien Mader, Julie Stuyck, Noé Féret

Chez Moi is an interactive experience to share. Discover quotes and explore a tiny interior garden. You can insert your own quotes in the game by modifying the file citations.xml (more infos below). Then you can offer a personalized version of the game to someone.
The game is played with the mouse clic, there is 7 plants to discover, you can click on the blackboard to see again the quotes you unlocked.
In the pause menu (by pressing escape), you can 'recommencer' to start again the experience.

The idea is to gift the game to someone, so you can change the quotes to make it personal (instructions are on the page).

Made for the Wholesom Jam (Theme:Blossom)
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