Goju the game within the game

Goju (2010) - FPS (ENJMIN student project) by Project management: Alexandre Chamoy, Game design: Stéphanie Mader & Adrien Pelov, Programming: Cédric Liaudet & Pierre Josse, Graphic Design: Delphine Soriano & Erwan Thépault, Sound Design: Arnaud Noble, Usability Expert: Mélanie Ginibre

The player takes the role of a disarmed child closed in an old military Complex that was used to train children. As the security system is still in activity, he must find his way through cameras and patrol robots to explore the Complex and discover what happened here. In the past children were trained by a virtual war software called the Simulation. Terminals are still working and the player can use them to connect to the Simulation.
In the Simulation, the player takes control of a combat robot to complete the training missions and obtain a higher military rank.
In order to escape from the Complex the player has to understand the old hierarchic system and obtain a high military rank to access restricted areas of the Complex. Fortunately he is not alone.
The original developers of the Simulation are present through artefacts that leads him to special areas. In those he will find hack softwares to advantages himself during his missions.
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