Chien Guide Virtuel Companion for blind players
Chien Guide Virtuel (2019) - prototype d'accessibilité

Chien Guide Virtuel is a research prototype. The objective is to implement a virtual dog guide for blind people in 3D video games.

Our final objective would be to create a game that allow blind players and sighted players to compete in a multiplayer fast-paced action shooter game.

Prototyping efficient audio aiming and spatial navigation are the first step of this long-term project.

Research team : Stéphanie Mader (CNAM-CEDRIC), Jérôme Dupire (CNAM-CEDRIC), Tifanie Bouchara (CNAM-CEDRIC), Vincent Berry (P13 - Experice), Vinciane Zabban (P13 - Experice), Constance Boiron

Prototype dev team : June Baron, Hugo Dunas-Wald, Benjamin Darmon.

The research project has been supported by Région Ile-de-France in 2019 (DIM-RFSI).

Publications :
Démonstration du projet chien guide virtuel
Stéphanie Mader, Jérôme Dupire, Tifanie Bouchara, Isabelle Barbet, Vinciane Zabban, et Vincent Berry
UNILJV2019: Les langages du jeu vidéo : codes, discours et images en jeu. Lausanne, Switzerland 2019
HAL [demonstration]

Une approche Game Design de l'accessibilité des jeux vidéo
Jérôme Dupire, Stéphanie Mader
Handicap 2016. Paris, France 2016
HAL [poster]

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