Elmo et Riki It's Yule and we forgot to prepare!

Elmo et Riki (2020) - Sticker book story by Stéphanie Mader, Sébastien Mader, Julie Stuyck, Noé Féret, Sophie Goudjil

It's Yule. Elmo (the squirrel) and Riki (the racoon) are so excited, they will gather around the old tree on top of the mountain with their friends to celebrate the return of the light with firworks! But... They were in charge of decorating, and both thought the other one was doing it. So they both forgot to prepare anything. They are now in a hurry to find something to decorate the tree with. But they don't have much time left and don't remember what they had to bring.

Fortunately, they can count on their friends: Onika (the otter), Bogart (the badger), Hank (the hedgehog), Chacha (the owl), and Mochi (the bat).

The game is playable with the mouse: drag'n drop Elmo and Riki on a circle to move them, click on characters or objects to interact with them.
Onika has always good advives.
The game is in French.

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